Blues Fest: Easily Update Your Home Decor for Fall/Winter

Clift Glass Lamp Base | The Mindful Shopper

The color blue is definitely the “in” color for Fall/Winter home decor this year. The most popular variations of this color are rich, jewel tones (cobalt, navy, indigo, etc). Even though blue is the color on trend now, it also provides a long-lasting classic element to home decor. Updating your home decor can be as simple [READ MORE ...]

It’s A Mindful Life: Fabulous Fall Treats

Apple Pie Caramel Apples | The Mindful Shopper

I absolutely adore Fall! Some of my favorite past Mindful Shopper Posts have been about Fall (Strut Your Stuff With These Vibrant Fall Colors, Falling In Love with Fall, and Fall Aboard!). Today I am sharing a few Fabulous Fall Treats including Apple Pie Caramel Apples, Guinness Floats, and more! Click here to view these fabulous recipes and more! Hello! Since [READ MORE ...]