Top Halloween Costumes For Kids

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Top Halloween Costumes for Kids | The Mindful Shopper

I have searched far and wide for this very fun and joyful collection of Halloween Costumes sure to make you smile! This collection features the best of the best, quality costumes at great prices. (The majority of these costumes are under $40!) Yippie!

Time to bring on some Halloween Fun!

Halloween Costume Baby LionElite Lil’ Lion Infant and Toddler Costume

(1) Your cute lil’ cub will be The King of Adorable in this Lil’ Lion Costume ($49.99, on sale for $31.98) with its spectacular mane and stuffed tail. Includes a fully-lined jumpsuit, headpiece, and booties with paw-print soles. Sizes small (6-12 months), med (12-18 months), and large (18 months-2T).

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Sweet Fox Toddler Costume

Sweet Fox Toddler Costume

(2) This Sweet Fox Costume ($49.99, on sale $39.99) is clever and cute. Your little gal will be cozy chic in this rust colored plush and velvet dress with matching hood and leg warmers. Sizes 3T-6T.



Toddler Turkey Costume

Toddler Turkey Costume

(3) This is one of my favs! This happy Toddler Turkey Costume ($29.99, on sale for $25.49) includes a fuzzy bodysuit, hood, and boot-covers. Sizes 2-4 years.



Lil' Monkey Infant Costume

Lil’ Monkey Costume

(4) This adorable Lil’ Monkey Costume ($44.95, on sale $29.99) includes a soft and huggable bodysuit, hood with ears, tail, and slip-on booties. Sizes 12-24 months.



What a Hoot Baby Costume

What a Hoot Baby and Toddler Costume

(5) This What a Hoot Baby and Toddler Costume ($49.99, on sale for $39.99) is sure to have everyone hootin’ and hollerin’! This delightful owl-inspired costume includes a colorful lined jumpsuit with leg snaps for easy diaper changes, an owl hood with beak, and slip-on booties with skid-resistant bottoms. Sizes 12-24 months.



Garden Fairy

Beautiful Child Garden Fairy Costume

(6) Your child is sure to spread lots of joyful fairy dust in this delightful Garden Fairy Costume ($36.24, on sale for $20.99)! This costume has a beautiful green dress with attached floral appliques and detachable gold wings. Sizes 2-8.



Butterfly Infant and Toddler Costume

Butterfly Infant and Toddler Costume

(7) Ahhh, this Butterfly Infant and Toddler Costume ($58.99) is too cute! :) Let your little one flutter around in style with this whimsical Butterfly Costume. Sizes 6 months- 2T.



Baby Sea Turtle Costume

Baby and Toddler Sea Turtle Costume

(8) Your tiny one will be super cute and comfy in this soft fleece Baby and Toddler Sea Turtle Costume ($44.99 – $59.00, sold out). This cuddly costume has a fully-lined and padded headpiece with an adjustable fit. Sizes 3 months- 6 years.



Infant's and Toddler's Hootie the Owl Costume

Hootie the Owl Costume

(9) This vibrant Hootie the Owl Costume ($59.97, on sale for $50.97) is sure to stand out in a crowd. This irresistible costume comes with a sleeveless bubble body designed with graphic images, matching wings, and an adorable owl headpiece. Sizes 6-12 months.



Angry Birds King Pig Bunting Infant Costume

Angry Birds King Pig Bunting Infant Costume

(10) It would sure be hard to be angry when you’re around any little one in this Angry Birds King Pig Bunting Infant Costume ($41.99)! What a fun and whimsical creation! Fits children 0-9 months.



Baby Tiny Tinker Bell Costume

Baby and Toddler Tiny Tinker Bell Costumes

(11) This adorable Tinker Bell Costume ($45.09, on sale for $31.56) is sure to have you believing in fairies in no time! This costume includes a darling bodysuit with wings. Sizes 6 months- 2T.



Penguin Costume

Cute Toddler and Child Penguin Costume

(12) This priceless Penguin Costume ($29.99, on sale for $22.99, not currently available) is sure to bring joy to anyone who sees your little chick waddle around while trick-or-treating this Halloween! This fun costume includes a bodysuit, penguin hood, and shoe covers. Sizes 9 months- 5 years.



Toddler Iron Man Muscle Costume

Child Iron Man Muscle Costume

(13) This Iron Man Muscle Costume ($39) is sure to make your little one ready to avenge all wrong! This cool costume includes an “armor” muscle bodysuit with an Iron Man medallion and mask.



Busy Lil Bee Light up Child's Costume

Busy Lil’ Bee Light-Up Child’s Costume

(14) This lovely Busy Lil’ Bee Light-Up Child’s Costume ($39.99) is sure to create a buzz. It includes a black and yellow bee costume consisting of a light-up dress, headband, and wings. Sizes 4-12.



Stealth Ninja Child Costume

Stealth Ninja Child Costume

(15) This cool Stealth Ninja Costume ($24.99, on sale for $19.99, sword not included) is sure to keep your child (and you :)) on your toes! This highly detailed and easy to wear jumpsuit comes with an awesome red belt with silvery foam stars, a black Ninja hood, and face mask. Welcome The Warrior of Cuteness! Sizes 10-14.



Kids Spiderman Costume

Kids Deluxe Spiderman Costume

(16) This authentic Spiderman Costume ($42.67, on sale for $29.87) includes a muscle torso jumpsuit and a fantastic Spiderman mask. Sizes 2T- 6.



Lil Froggy Baby Costume

Lil’ Froggy Baby Costume

(17) This playful Lil’ Froggy Baby Costume ($49.99, on sale $39.99) is sure to bring you lots of friendly ribbing, croaks, and compliments from your friends and family. This awesome green jumpsuit features leg snaps for easy diaper changes, a matching character hood, and slip-on booties with skid-resistant bottoms. Sizes 6- 24 months.



Infant Shrimp Bunting Costume

Infant Shrimp Bunting Costume

(18) This cozy cute Shrimp Bunting Costume ($19.99) is sure to make your little one the happiest creature in the coral reef. It is so cute, you may want to use it all winter long! Fits children 0-6 months.



Li'l Seahorse Costume

 Lil’ Seahorse Toddler Costume

(19) You won’t mind it much when your wee-one is horsing around in this joyful Lil’ Seahorse Costume ($39, not currently available). This bubble-shaped bodysuit has an attached hood, tail, and an adjustable closure for a comfy fit. Sizes 6 months- 2T.




Caterpillar Infant Bunting Costume

Caterpillar Infant Bunting Costume

(20) This Caterpillar Bunting Costume ($29.99) will have everyone giggling in no time. Your tiny one will feel safe and warm in this adorable cocoon of a costume! Fits children 0-9 months.



Baby Monster Costume

Little Monster Baby Costume

(21) Your cute little monster will be oh-so-scary in this adorable Little Monster Costume ($56.09, on sale for $39.26). This cuddly costume features a jumpsuit with a wonderful headpiece with funny monster eyes and bright striped horns. Sizes 6 months- 2T.




Sushi Family Costume

Sushi Family and Baby Sushi Costume

(22) This Sushi Family Costume ($137, on sale, Sushi Family $96.98, Baby Sushi $39, not currently available) is a big helping of delicious fun for the whole family. Mom’s red kimono has glittery gold trim, embroidered Jacquard stitching, and belt. Dad is transformed into a sushi chef in this fancy woven jacket and headband. Baby gets the best costume, a crafted sushi outfit complete with garnishes of wasabi and ginger, and accented with chopsticks. Baby Sushi comes in sizes birth- 12 months.


Sesame Street Elmo Plush Deluxe Toddler Costume

Sesame Street Elmo Plush Deluxe Toddler Costume

(23) This fabulous and fun Elmo Costume ($44.99) includes a red plush bodysuit with attached hood, mittens, and feet. Sizes up to 4T.




Child Darth Vader Costume

Child Darth Vader Costume

(24) This cool Child Darth Vader Costume ($60, red lightsaber $15) includes a black bodysuit with attached front plates and bootcovers, cape, and classic Darth Vader mask. Sizes 4-14.



Midnight Vampire Child Costume

Midnight Vampire Child Costume

(25) This awesome Midnight Vampire Costume ($39.99) features a black cape with stand-up collar, pants, black damask vest with attached shirt sleeves, and a red tie. Just make sure to get your little vampire home from trick-or-treating before daylight! :) Sizes 6-12.



Child Enchanted Princess Costume

Child Enchanted Princess Costume

(26) This stunning Princess Costume ($39.97, on sale for $33.97) is sure to make your little gal feel like a beautiful fairy tale princess. It features a lovely multicolor dress and a matching red hair bow. Sizes 4-14.

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  1. Rosie says

    This is the cutest post ever! I can’t get over the costumes! Every time I thought I had picked my favorite I’d scroll down and see another one I loved! Thanks for sharing this!!!

  2. Tasha says

    Soo completely adorable! What a fun Halloween treat! Thank you for making me smile:)

    • Amy Kathleen says

      Hi Tasha! You make my day when you stop by! Happy to bring you some smiles! – Amy Kathleen

  3. Marg McKennett says

    I wanted to buy one of each and I don’t even have anyone to wear them!!
    Good job, Amy!

    • Amy Kathleen says

      Hi Marg! What a delight to see you here! So glad you liked the costumes!!! And thank you so much for liking the Mindful Shopper on Facebook! So appreciated!!! – Amy Kathleen

    • Amy Kathleen says

      Hi Anton! Yes, the shrimp costume is such a fun one! Thanks for stopping by! -Amy Kathleen

  4. Jess says

    Oh – I love these! Now we just need to make a decision…monkey or monster? Both fit :)

    • Amy Kathleen says

      Ha! Love it Jess! I think the Fairy Princess Costume would work just as well! :) -Amy Kathleen

  5. says

    Amy, you have delightful taste….so much adorableness here!
    You have this shopping gift that is so amazing
    it’s hard for me to understand….I’m in awe of folks
    who have such an eye!
    Well done, you:)
    Jennifer Richardson recently posted…Seeing stars…My Profile

    • Amy Kathleen says

      Hi Jennifer!
      Thanks so much for the kind words! I really love searching for things that will bring others joy! I am so glad that you think I do a good job at this. Means a lot to me!

      Much Love,
      -Amy Kathleen

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