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Advent is a season observed in many Western Christian churches as a time of preparation and celebration for the birth of Jesus at Christmas. The term “Advent” is a version of the Latin word adventus, meaning “coming”.

There are many ways to use an Advent Calendar to celebrate the season. Some families use the Advent Calendar to reveal a special daily ornament for the tree. Others use it to share fun treats for each day of Advent. My favorite type of Advent Calendar is one that shares a special question for each family member to reflect upon or gives the family a special action or daily good deed to do in the days preceding Christmas.

I remember the Advent Calendar my family had when I was a kid. I always treasured this tradition. I have searched for special Advent Calendars that your family can use to create your own Advent traditions.

Hats and Mittens Advent Calendar | Super Fun Advent Calendars(1) This precious wool Hats and Mittens Advent Calendar ($98) is created of tiny hand-knit hats and mittens inspired by Fair Isle designs. They are embroidered with numbers- ready to count down to Christmas.


Holiday Angel Advent Calendar | Super Fun Advent Calendars(2) This Holiday Angel Advent Calendar ($198, on sale for $159.99) is a limited edition calendar created by California artisans Jes MaHarry and Patrick Henderson exclusively for Sundance. This Advent Calendar is hand-painted on metal clad plywood and particle board. It features twenty-five numbered “cubbies” with a glittering angel presiding over all.


Advent Treasure Box  | Super Fun Advent Calendars(3) This glittery, vintage-style Advent Treasure Box ($98) features a box of drawers holding delightful mini ornaments that children use to decorate the attached tree (the tree slips inside for easy storage).


Penguin Advent Calendar  | Super Fun Advent Calendars(4) This delightful Penguin Advent Calendar ($98) features a freestanding penguin with front and back pockets. It is made of a soft rayon/wool felt body and a hand-knit wool hat.


Kurt Adler Nativity Advent Calendar  | Super Fun Advent Calendars(5) This sweet Kurt Adler Nativity Advent Calendar ($124.99, on sale for $112.49) features 24 numbered doors that open to reveal a magnetic figure which is placed on the magnetic starry sky and stable background to create a serene Nativity scene.


Long Legged Santa Advent Calendar  | Super Fun Advent Calendars(6) This whimsical Long-Legged Santa Advent Calendar ($39, on sale for $31) features 25 numbered pockets on Santa’s very long legs. This fun Advent calendar is sewn of linen with felt and cotton details.


TREE ADVENT CALENDAR  | Super Fun Advent Calendars(7) This rustic Tree Advent Calendar ($179) features lovely woven-wicker baskets with painted numbers. The baskets are attached to mango wood touched with a gold painted finish.


Advent Houses  | Super Fun Advent Calendars(8) These precious Advent Village ($120) feature a collection of 24 tiny, hand-crafted houses fitted with removable roofs so special gifts can be stowed inside to mark the days until Christmas.


Woodland Ornament Advent Calendar by Peppersprouts  | Super Fun Advent Calendars(9) This quaint Woodland Ornament Advent Calendar ($125) by Artist Jen Peppper from Peppersprouts features 25 hand-stamped cotton bags and 25 adorable wood ornaments. Each day your family can open a new bag and hang the enclosed ornament on your Christmas tree.


ADVENT CALENDAR TREE  | Super Fun Advent Calendars(10) This rustic-chic Advent Calendar Tree ($79, on sale for $63.20) comes with satchel bags to hold any tiny Advent cheer. This folksy and festive Advent tree is made of a durable iron structure that will last for years to come.


Santa Advent Calendar  | Super Fun Advent Calendars(11) This cute Santa Advent Calendar ($68) features a vintage-style coat covered with numbered pockets, which you can fill with tiny treats and surprises.


Woodland Advent Calendar  | Super Fun Advent Calendars(12) This charming Woodland Advent Calendar ($79.95) from Plow & Hearth marks the countdown to Christmas with doors, windows, and drawers to open each day of Advent. This Advent log cabin features many intricate details including wreaths, garland, a stone chimney, wood siding, and birds perched on the roof.


Santa Face Advent Calendar  | Super Fun Advent Calendars

(14) This adorable Santa Face Advent Calendar ($59, on sale for $47) is expertly made of polyester felt and microsherpa with appliquéd details. The dainty pockets feature embroidered stitching for a hand-crafted look and feel.

What is your favorite family Christmas tradition! 

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Clever Muffin Pan Advent Calendar

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