Favorites From The 2013 Gift Guide: Fabulous Gifts For Gals

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Gifts For Her | The Mindful Shopper | FULL OF FUN AND WHIMSY[TOP ROW] Wallet Q Card Case for Apple iPhone 5 ($39.99). Bright Honeysuckle Pink Freshwater Pearl Earrings by Jennifer of Liv Jewellery ($65).

[MIDDLE ROW] Party Pug Ring by Christine Street of Chocolate and Steel ($30). Monogrammed Acrylic Tray ($42). Ele-Fancy Necklace ($16.99).

[BOTTOM ROW] SOREL ’Joan of Arctic’ Boot ($149.95, on sale for $112.46). Kate Spade New York Watch ($250). Colorful Phone and Tablet Cases ($9.99-$19.99).



Gifts For Gals | PRETTY AND PRACTICAL | The Mindful Shopper

[TOP ROW] Vintage Flair Hat ($68). Hoots the Boss Containers ($17.99 each). St. Tropez Necklace from Arhaus Jewels ($85).

[MIDDLE ROW] Aqua Zinger Flavored Water Maker ($25.99). Steve Madden Band of Stripes Infinity Scarf ($44, on sale for $21.99). Heart Raw Edge Tote ($32).

[BOTTOM ROW] Blue Coral Bookends by Lena and Dmitry of Design Atelier Article ($54.31). Seize The Day Phone Case ($35).



Gifts For Gals That Sparkle and Shine | The Mindful Shopper[TOP ROW] Believe Pocket Charm ($35). Glitz Owl Wrist Wrap from Fossil ($38).

[MIDDLE ROW] Michael Kors Wallet Clutch for iPhone 4S ($79.95). Heather Moore Mini Star Initial Charm ($410).

[BOTTOM ROW] Ecote Aminah Clutch ($49). Snowflake Diamond Pendant Necklace, 14k White Gold ($290, on sale for $276). Wonderland iPhone 5 Case ($35).



Gifts For Gals | Cozy and Comforting | The Mindful Shopper[TOP ROW] Lotus Necklace ($35)- gives back to charity. Touch Screen Cashmere Gloves ($39). Cashmere Infinity Scarf ($99, on sale for $79).

[MIDDLE ROW] Green Multi-Color Zip Pouch ($60). Talk To Me iPhone Case ($35). Leaf Pattern Sterling Silver Spinner Ring ($110) by Janice Hagey-Schmidt of Janice Art JewelryChelsey ’Dot’ Muffler ($158).

[BOTTOM ROW] Cable Knit Throws ($79, on sale for $59). Shakuhachi Embellished Mini Clutch ($158). Kate Spade Black Cat iPhone Case ($45). Reindeer Sweater ($61.71).

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Wallet Q Card Case for Apple iPhone 5Bright Honeysuckle Pink Freshwater Pearl EarringsParty Pug Ring

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    You have spoken to my boot fetish with the SOREL ’Joan of Arctic’ Boot. Those are gorgeous!

    I pinned that photo just to be able to quickly reference it later. :)

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      Amy Kathleen says

      Hello Haris!
      Thank you so much! So glad you like my website! Stop by again!
      -Amy Kathleen


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