Favorites From The 2013 Gift Guide: Fun Stocking Stuffers

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Stocking Stuffers For Everyone | The Mindful Shopper
[TOP ROW] Glitter Heart Double Wrap Watch ($20). Porcelain Typography Tray ($10). St Jude Elephant Keychain ($29.50)- gives back to charity.

[MIDDLE ROW] Personalized Double Initial Necklace (~$40) by Artist 
Julie Campbell of Julie The Fish. And So I Fly Necklace ($34) by Artist Liz Lamoreux.

[BOTTOM ROW] Snowman Kit ($29.95). Kate Spade Monogram Mug ($15).


Fun Stocking Stuffers | The Mindful Shopper[FIRST ROW] Custom Retro Cassette Tape iPhone 5 Case ($24.50, on sale for $19.95). Building Brick Slippers ($24.99. on sale for $19.99). Colorful Color Box Case For iPhone 4/4s ($9.99).

[SECOND ROW] EOS Moisturizing Lip Balm ($22.99)- 4 pack . Silicone Easy Release Keychain ($14.99). Retro Color Diamonds Guitar Necklace ($4.99).

[THIRD ROW] Football Field Phone Case ($24.50, on sale for $19.95). Eco-Friendly Floral Pillow Cover ($17) by Artist Fish ZhangPeanut Butter & Jelly Heart Necklace ($9) by Heather of A Lil Bit Of Cute (Click Here: For The Best Friends Necklace featured in The Mindful Shopper’s Pinterest Gift Guide). Emerald Crystal Tigerhead Earrings ($26).

[FORTH ROW] Dream Word Necklace ($16). L’amour Phone Case ($35). Rubik’s Cube Notepad ($14.90).


Fun Stocking Stuffers For All | The Mindful Shopper[TOP ROW] Eco-Friendly Dandelion Pendant Necklace ($30) by Artists at Lulu Bug JewelryOwl Basket Crochet Pattern ($2.99). Milk Bottle Measuring Cups ($24).

[MIDDLE ROW] YakTrax® Pro ($29.50)- makes almost any shoe an all-terrain shoe. Slim Card Case Wallet ($30). Bear Seed Ornament ($10). Enamel Bow Keychain ($29.50). Goonies Mug ($9.99).

[BOTTOM ROW] Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt Peanut Butter Bites ($12.71). Wood Puzzle Phone Case ($29).

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Thank you for dropping by The Mindful Shopper! I absolutely LOVE it when you stop by! I hope you enjoyed my post all about Fun Stocking Stuffers!

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